Fully Prepared for the Weather

Snow in March is not that uncommon in the suburbs of Chicago. I can vividly remember back 20 years ago when it would snow in March right before our first softball games during high school. So today when it snowed, I was not at all surprised.

Actually, I am unwilling to put winter away until at least April because I know that it going to be cold and snow in March. At my house, I never put away the snowmen knick knacks until the end of March. I also do not pack away winter clothing or boots until I am absolutely positive it will not snow nor get bitterly cold again. This usually happens in early April. Shovels and sleds stay easily accessible in the garage, as well, until the end of March. This way, when it snows in March, I am fully prepared for the messy weather that decided to interrupt the beginnings of spring.

And today I was glad for my unwillingness to put away winter when I had to wear my winter coat, put on boots to walk outside, brush snow off of my car and shovel some snow off of my driveway on March 23!


2 thoughts on “Fully Prepared for the Weather

  1. Peg D says:

    It snowed here too. We are on vacation and it is supposed to be 60 on Wednesday so I am going to let the sun melt it. Or the rain. 😛

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