Shopping Alone

Today I was able to go shopping with my husband. Just my husband & I. No kids!!!

After a quick chiropractor appointment and a speedy stop at Dunkin Donuts, we dropped the kids off at PaPa & Grandma’s house and we were off to go shopping. We needed to get a few things for Easter and our upcoming trip. In order to get all of this done, and not waste an entire Saturday, I needed to tackle this without the girls. Shopping with them is fun, but I did not want to get stopped in every aisle by Mollie shouting, “Mommy! Mommy! Come here, you just HAVE to see this!”. I also did not want to be aggravated by Ashleigh moping around the store because she is “BORED!”.

Our shopping trip was successfully completed in less than 2 1/2 hours and included a bite to eat at Chipotle (without the kids, of course). I think we need to shop alone more often!


5 thoughts on “Shopping Alone

  1. Love it! I started laughing at “Mommy, Mommy come here, you just HAVE to see this,” and being aggravated by the moping because she’s “bored.” lol,..I have so been there before!! Glad you were able to have quick successful shopping (and eating)!

  2. Shopping alone! No kids, what a beautiful thing! I wonder if you heard other children, “mommy mommy” and turned, to think for a flash second that it was your children, but just when you thought they were with you, your mind was at ease! Lol

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