Breakfast with my Babies

This morning I was able to take the girls to school a little later than normal because their school was having an event known as Muffins with Mom. The event allows moms to come to school with their kids for breakfast (muffins, of course, are served – along with other breakfast items). Additionally, there are crafts, crossword puzzles, word searches, What Would You Do…? questions, etc. to entertain each other while breakfast items were consumed. 

Even though this event is about spending time with me, I believe that I get to know my girls on a different level. Being a working mom, I don’t often get to see how the girls interact with their peers, teachers and other parents at school. (I have often been told that the girls are much better behaved at school than they are at home. Thank goodness they don’t embarrass me in public.)

Today, I heard my girls say please and thank you to a parent when asking for and receiving a donut and juice. 

Today, I watched my girls laugh with their friends over a silly joke.

Today, I listened to the kind words said by teachers about my girls positive behavior in school.

Today, I talked with my girls about our spring break plans before sending them off to school to learn.

Today, I had Breakfast with my Babies instead of going to Muffins with Mom.


8 thoughts on “Breakfast with my Babies

  1. So fun to see our kids interact at school. I am glad you had a chance to be part of Muffins with Mom! How special! I like how you listed all you were able to experience with the girls…today!

  2. I find it so interesting that kids are better behaved for others than for their parents–my son definitely is, too. I love the way you started each of your new observations with “Today, I…”. It was almost like you were making discoveries and finding treasures as you watched, talked, listened, and heard your girls in this different environment.

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