Ladies Man

Saturday was a day of impromptu decisions. We had to go to swim class, but the rest of the day was open. I decided on the fly to get the girls’ hair cut and then to head to the movies. There was a new Disney movie out and we just HAD to see it. The girls were excited to hear we were going to see Zootopia just about as much as I was to tell them. With my love of Diseny, it was a must see and soon before everyone else saw it and told me the whole story line. 

During the movie, without giving away the whole story, there was a part where the bunny and fox were at the DMV. The DMV was run by sloths, with their slow moving characteristics. At one point, the fox tells the sloth a joke and the sloth finds it so funny that he has to share it with the female sloth sitting next to him. When the male sloth calls the female sloths name, Mollie turns to me and says, “He’s really good with the ladies!”

What? Good with the ladies? What does that mean? How did you hear that? So many questions, no ability to ask right then and there. Only the giggles from me, my husband and the lady behind us that heard her comment and had to share it with the people she was with.


3 thoughts on “Ladies Man

  1. What a funny girl! I love when our children say things that fit the situation, but leave us wondering how they knew to even say that. I really enjoy reading your writing, Kelly! I love hearing the stories about your girls!

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