Pot of Gold

The girls woke up this morning in a very energetic mood. Both girls hoping that the leprechaun came for a visit last night. He left behind a little green in the toilet and also a little gold poop (Rolos). He also used the step stool/baby potty as a place to hide some gold coins. The excitement in there faces and voices started my day off on the right foot.

Ashleigh had to go to an eye doctor appointment today, so she had to be picked up early from school. Ashleigh received her pot of gold when the eye doctor told us that her eyes are getting better and we do not have to come back for another 6 months. After 7 years of bad luck, things are starting to look up when it comes to Ashleigh’s beautiful, Irish, blue eyes.

After the doctor’s visit, Ashleigh and I drove to get Mollie from school. As soon as Mollie saw me, she was babbling non-stop about the leprechaun that visited her classroom. That silly, little, red-headed, Irishman took cups and made them hats, took all the smarties that the kids left him and made a mess in the classroom. Then I shared the stories of how the leprechauns also visited my school and left his green footprints on the floor and on tables, left a little green in the toilet and made a large mess in one of my kindergarten classrooms. Today, this was Mollie’s pot of gold.

Due to it being St. Patrick’s Day, I was looking for a little corned beef. So I headed to a local place that I knew made corned beef sandwiches. When I placed my order I was told that they were out of rye bread. No worries, I was only really interested in the corned beef anyways. Then, came the Shamrock Shake! This medium sized, green, minty piece of heaven has been calling my name for about a month now and I have not caved. Today I treat myself to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. The upswing after the, “7 years bad luck,” and Ashleigh’s, “beautiful, Irish, blue eyes,” melted my heart. I’m so happy for her (you). Love the festivities. Kudos to you, Mom. 🙂

  2. Katie Diez says:

    This is great! What a “lucky” day you had! Great news on Ashleigh! I am so jealous of the Shamrock Shake too!!!

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